Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Day I Went Back to School

Yes, I went back to U.P. the other week. I really wanted to take those Korean lessons so Pia, Flow, Abby together with Grace and Cors who were paying for advanced Korean classes trekked to U.P. It's the first time I went back to my unibersidad na mahal ^^ for like almost 6 years. I went there last in 2000 for the latern parade.

We got off at the Palma Hall Annex, near the Educ bldg. Man, it was like a trip back to 1995! I remember taking my Philo 1 class at the 2nd floor of the Educ bldg. The entire block ran off to the Sunken Garden to escape our boring teacher (who was late for 15 mins BTW and suddenly popped out of nowhere. Remember the rule?) *lol* I remember walking to math class after that with my whole freshie block. *sigh* I remember being just 16 years old!!!! geez...

feeling tourist kadiri...

Ayway we ate at the Beach House (mga pare at mare 24 pesos na po ang isang stick ng bbq dati 12 lang yun...) and walked towards the Asian Center through the Main Library and around the Sunken Garden. Here I am doing skips here and there with Flow.

ladidah...ang laki ng likod ni Flow...

After Grace and Cors stop over at the AC, we walked (still) going to the chapel and Shopping Center. Sobrang memories talaga everywhere! The smell of zerox powder, Miranda's, UP souvenir shirts, bluebooks, ice cream and the coop grocery.

Hay I miss going to school, the time when all you thought about was passing your subjects, graduating, torturing your org applicants and saving enough money from your allowance to watch movies at SM North Edsa during breaks. *sigh*

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