Monday, April 22, 2013

More kawaii-ness that is Tidus

It was another hot Saturday afternoon. Yaning (Tidus' nanny) and I agreed we'll go to the supermarket with the little one and hang out at the bakery there because of the A/C. However, when we got there, a family of three had the same idea as ours and occupied the lone table. I then decided we go to Chowking, to have halo-halo but it was a few blocks away. We took the trike and in a minute or so, we were in halo-halo land. BUT Chowking's A/C was on blower mode, and it wasn't as cold as expected. We had no other choice though and we ordered two halo-halos.

Tidus became curious of the treats once the waiter placed our orders in front of us. Seeing me and Yaning eat with our spoons, we observed that he was also licking his lips, imitating probably our actions. Tidus couldn't eat anything other than formula (he just turned 3 months old) so I just let him pretend to eat from my spoon.

The colorful sago, gulaman and ube ice cream certainly had him wide-eyed. :)

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