Saturday, October 22, 2011


It's been quite sometime since I partied with my old Star Magic friends. And I'm glad I was able to go to Joy's birthday bash before the start of the PBB season and have my entire social life vanish for four months.

I haven't laughed that hard. Or danced that wild. I couldn't stay till 5Am as Joy wanted the party to end this morning. Grace had to go home ( I was taking the cab home with her) and I actually have to rest my weary head. I wish I can write more of the fun, but my brain again refuses to cooperate at writing something more lengthy than this. Oh well, at least I had a glass of margarita before we left.

Here's a pic of me and Tracy before the wild dancing started. LOL.


Aria said...

OMG Patty. You have a blog. :) Following.

-bibi berr

eventuallypretty said...

This old thing? :)

Yeah. Followed you.

Aria said...

Well, I didn't know. :) Good thing I stumbled upon it.

Journal GĂ©neraux said...