Saturday, July 30, 2011

Soaked at the 30 Seconds to Mars concert

My friend Bambie and I planned to watch the 30 Seconds to Mars concert at the Trinoma months ago, after we booked our The Script tickets last April. However, the tickets were expensive and Bambie was the only one who forged ahead with our plan.

Fast-track to today. Yesterday morning, I settled to listening to the band on Youtube the whole day to make up for not going to the concert. But by 5pm, Bambie texted me and she met this girl in line at the concert venue, who had a spare gold ticket. I was excited but I asked if the girl was selling her ticket, since I didn't have the budget to buy one in the first place. Shocker of my life came next because Annalyn gave me her ticket for free, which she got as a complimentary ticket from her employer. Thank you, thank you!

I rushed to the venue, and I didn't realize we were that close up front. It started to rain. Really hard. And by the time Kwan (the front act) began, we were standing in the down pour for three hours, soaked to the skin. By 9pm, Jared finally appeared on stage with the band. The crowd was ecstatic. Love, love, loved all the songs and how Jared was so gracious to everyone for waiting for 5 freaking hours in the rain.

I only had my lousy phone cam with me and the shots I had of the band were real bad. But the experience was awesome and I can now say I've been to a real concert of an international band, jumped up and down in the mosh pit, with my hair plastered to my face and my clothes dripping wet from the rain, from my cardigan to my underwear. :)

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Marjorie said...

i'm real happy for you girl. lucky you!