Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you're not taking the 6 p.m. slot, I'm giving it to someone else

So I'm not gonna write in cryptic today. And why is that? Because so many things have been happening to me in the past few days. Yes, the angsty Patty is back with a vengeance.

Let me start off by saying once again, that I am not the most patient person in the world. I am also admittedly not the most organized person in the world but I like my schedule to be pretty accurate.

Alright, with that off my chest . . . I am going to be honest in saying yes I am back in the dating scene. And for a couple of days now, I can say that I have been pretty unhappy about my dating life. There are indeed a couple of guys lined up at my door. Not to boast but mind you I have been pretty picky about selecting who I am gonna go out with. There are guys who would text but not push through. There are guys who would really ask me out but fall short of expectations. With my adventures in dating for the past few months, I can fairly say that the book "He's Not That Into You" has now become obsolete, for guys have completely changed their dating strategies.

Okay take for example Guy A. He passed my first requirement and we quickly progressed to being constant dates. I was thrilled because we had a lot of things in common and seem to be thinking on the same wavelength. However, as we began to proceed to our nth date, things have become pretty unclear. He's acting like we are a couple when we are out on dates but he's treating me like a buddy when we are not together. Also looks like he's put me at the end of his priority list, asking me out lately on last minute dates. And not following through. You think, why shouldn't I just ask him where our dating status is leading to. But at the end of the day, one must realize that he hasn't made a move to take our relationship to the next level because of his inability to commit to anything related to me. So why should I be that demanding lil bitch who isn't even his girlfriend right? Don't get me wrong, we both have been clear that we are looking for serious relationships from the very start. I like this guy a lot. Well, I guess he doesn't like me that much. I'm not yet that important enough to make a dent in his social calendar.

Then there's Guy B. Guy B is someone from the past, an old flame should I say. He's been a topic on this blog before. Well silly old me looked him up in facebook and tada! We're instant textmates and seems like the 'spark' is still there. Can you feel another however coming up? However, he already has a girlfriend of two years. But that doesn't stop him from asking me out again. Tempting really. He's definitely fun to be with and quite yummy as I described him to a friend. But since my break-up, I have vowed not to go out with guys who are already committed because hey it also happened to me and I wouldn't want to be the girl on the other end. I pity his girlfriend really. And the other girls whose boyfriends have also hit on me.

Now, last but not the least is Guy C. He's four years muy junior and a little bit (okay, a lot) on the immature side. He does things that peeve me like using text speak when chatting (wer r u) and call me on the phone unexpectedly. What's weird about Guy C is that he's already asked me to be his girl eventhough we haven't met each other face to face. Yup, you read it right. I have told him endless times that I have to meet him first and go out with him to know my answer to his 'mahiwagang' tanong. It was a condition of mine that I would never ever break for anyone. I think he has finally getting the hint (after endless chat sessions where he would just ask me if I would be his girl and me replying no each time). He's thinking of asking me out but on the condition I would tell him if I'm okay with him or not as soon as the date ends. Oh and he also told me that it's okay for me to date other guys even if I do agree to be his girl. But he'd totally be faithful to me. Oh-kay.

The thing in common with these three guys and the others who have 'asked me out' is that they are very vague with the specific day and time they would want to go out with me. I remember Badette's rule of not going out with a guy who has asked her past Wednesday because it meant that she's just an after thought for the weekend. I am not that strict with my asking out rules but I am getting pretty peeved with all these vague dates. With Guy C however I was blunt in saying that I want him to give me specific details of our date. Don't just ask me what time I go to or get off work because my line of work is also unpredictable. I can say that I go to work from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. but that can change because of meetings, presscons and such. However, I told Guy C that if he did tell me something definite, I will be able to manage my schedule, juggle some stuff and make exceptions for him. And he understood. And he has yet to give me a sure day of our date. Hah!

Long story short, I'm tired of guys taking me forgranted. I even told Leah that sometimes I want to rebel and go back to the old me. Maybe I'd be having some fun instead of being this prissy girl getting walked on like a doormat by these guys.

Well one thing is for sure. I won't be twiddling my thumbs at home waiting for their call.

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