Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Still nursing remnants of the virus that struck me over the weekend. Didn't get enough sleep last night, resulting to this big annoyed feeling I have right now.

I was so annoyed at hunting for a shirt, which I later found out was in the clothes hamper.

I was annoyed at the MRT for not having a working air conditioner.

I was annoyed at the woman standing beside me for having two cellphones which she both constantly texted on while we were standing inside the train. The units were more posh than mine. ha!

I was annoyed at the tricycle driver for taking his kid along and making the child ride in front of him without thinking of the kid's safety. It was very irresponsible of him to do so.

I looked at the mirror and was annoyed with my hair. I should get a haircut seriously.

I was already annoyed with this someone's annoying habit and it became super annoying seeing him doing it again over something important.

The only thing I enjoyed this morning was Jovan's shirt. Wonder why...

Anyone up for a grumpy contest?

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