Sunday, September 07, 2008

What are your plans?

Now that my sister is leaving in a few months, leaving me technically alone in the house we considered our family's home, seems like everyone's asking "What are your plans?"

All of my aunts, my mom, my grandmother...they are all asking me what I plan to do. Everyone is now interested in me and offering their advice on what I should do with my life. Well, to tell you frankly I'm quite lost, I still don't know the answer to this question eventhough I'm already 30 years of age. I know everyone wants the best for me, but the rebel in me is shouting for them not to meddle.

Although I am not earning much, I like my job. Eventhough he is not earning much, I love my boyfriend. And eventhough I'm gonna be alone, I'm excited in a way of my full independence. The biggest problem, I'm analyzing, is still financial security. Is my fear of the past going to haunt my future?

The favorite daughter, who was once thought to become the very successful one, suddenly turned into someone very plain and blended in the background.

So what are my plans? I really just don't know what to say.



patty, financial security doesn't equate with success. i considered myself quite successful before, earning much and saving it all for what?'s much happier to earn a little and spend it all together on something that will make you both ..happy.

ahirunopekkles said...

patty, i dont believe that youve turned into someone very plain...youre special...youre talented...pretty...a good friend...with a good heart...youre my sister so youre not alone...dont ever think that youre plain...because that is definitely what you are not.