Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm doing nothing

It's a miracle. I have freetime on my hands. Hmm...I wonder where have all the work gone...*lol*

What I did this morning:
1. Checked my lotus mail and yahoo mail. All cleared.
2. Watched American Idol 6 clips on a blog. Sanjaya's scarier than ever.
3. Just edited typos on the PBB2 site.
4. Deleted some forum posts and laughed at some dialogues and screen caps on the PBB2 thread.
5. Listened to M-flo, Jjang Nara and BoA to wake me up.
6. Currently watching the hostage taking at the Manila City Hall on ANC.

Now I'm looking forward to lunch. I have 6 more hours of free time to go. Any suggestions? *lol*

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