Saturday, November 20, 2004


There was tension in the air. you can feel it. actually we have been feeling it since yesterday. It was just a rumour last thursday. but ricky lo's article confirmed our fears. now everyone's worried about their positions, their jobs. i'm not so worried, probably because we as employees can't do anything about it. as of now we dont even know the reason why they did it. but it's sad to see our bosses that way. talent center has always been one big family. when i was new there i immediately felt being drawn into the talent center way of life. and sometimes the bonds that we have built with one another is one of the reasons why we stay there even if we have a lot of bullshit to say about our jobs. and if the one person who holds all of us together goes away, i think the castle might just crumble.

its hard not being able to control things. but as they say change is inevitable.

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