Friday, March 07, 2008


Went home late last night and missed the MRT so I had to ride a bus. On the verge of having a migrane because of editing a lot of articles (marami pang nakapila huhuhu), I was distracted by a flashing light coming from the left side of the bus. I then realized it was coming from a digital camera and this girl was posing as if taking photos for her friendster account. What's more shocking is that she didn't do it once but a gazillion of times! And she was sitting beside another passenger (a young man) who was also looking at her strangely.

I admit I was a camwhore once in my life, but never did I pose in a moving public vehicle, alone and with a stranger beside me. And I only used my cellphone to take pics in the mall, and discreetly pa! The girl did her poses til her stop...di ko alam kung matatawa ba ko o ano...

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